About Myself

I like to write code and build cool things. I currently do so for Apple. Most of my software experience is in developing mobile apps, but I’ve also built hardware projects and done 6 engineering internships. I enjoy making next-level beats and sailing.

Also, be sure to check out the page for my (now former) business: Rocket Science Web Studio

Node, Express, Mongo, HTML/CSS
UX/UI Design
Beat Making



ODU Digital and Computer Systems Lab Research Assistant
  • Developed software in C++ and VHDL that generates a suite of defective SPICE circuit models given an input spice circuit.
  • Led a team to design and conduct an experiment to verify the effectiveness of a new adiabatic circuit implementation.
  • Received mentorship for a personal reverse engineering project.
North Anna Nuclear Power Station - Dominion Resources Engineering Intern - Electrical Systems and Components
  • Contributed to the development of a new life cycle management plan for control and protective relays.
  • Developed an Excel VBA Macro to graphically estimate a project completion date in real time based on updates to different sets of progress related data.
  • Wrote another macro that located trends in plant computer system data to help evaluate whether pump-down of the primary drains transfer tank is correlated with increased reactor coolant system leak rate.
NASA Langley Research Center Research Assistant - Advanced Materials Processing branch
  • Performed cyclic voltammetry testing on supercapacitor half-cells prepared using carbon nanomaterials as part of a NASA research project developing the technology for alternative energy storage.
  • Performed material analysis using a scanning electron microscope (SEM).
  • Learned various cutting edge research techniques as well as laboratory safety.
Newport News Shipbuilding Engineering Intern - Systems Engineering and Energy
  • Organized a summer-long effort to revise the NNS oil filled electrical transformer inspection procedure in conjunction with the environmental engineering department and high voltage power distribution section. The new plan reduced the number of inspections per year from ~1400 to <700.
  • Produced one-line schematic diagrams from fieldwork using AutoCAD.
  • Assisted in the provision of shore power to aircraft carriers and submarines while in port at NNS.



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